Frequently Asked Questions

"I have studied Wicca on my own for a very long time.  Can't I just get initiated and join your group instead of going through all the boring beginner classes?  I know I am very versed in the basics!"

No.  We are not teaching eclectic solitary Wicca here.  We are teaching Blue Star Traditional Wicca and that is not the same as simply getting basic eclectic Wicca skills and knowledge.  Even if you are a High Priest with 30 years' experience in another Tradition, you start at the beginning.  You might go faster through the homework if you are truly experienced and talented, and assessing you individually is the prerogative of your teacher. 

"I am 15 and very mature for my age.  I really, really want to join a coven and I can get my parents' permission!  Pleeeeaaase let me be considered for membership!!!!!"

It is always a pleasure to see bright young people interested in exploring Blue Star Wicca, and we admire your initiative in seeking a Wiccan education.  However, we cannot consider dedicating minors for a variety of reasons.  Being a member of a coven is a huge responsibility that some adults can't handle, so there is simply no way a minor is going to float that boat, no matter how mature you are.  We are happy to give you a reading list and will welcome you as a guest when you are no longer a minor.

NOTE:  If a parent of a minor who is interested in learning more about Wicca is willing to meet with the coven's leaders and expresses a desire to accompany their child to an open Sabbat ritual, we may consider inviting the parent and child to attend.  It should be understood that we still will not dedicate minors, but in certain circumstances a minor may be invited to attend classes and limited rituals if a signed, notarized permission form is obtained and a personal interview with the parent and child is held by the coven's leaders.  The minimum age for such an arrangement is 16.

"Can I bring my kids to coven meetings?  It says in a lot of the on-line info about Blue Star that kids are often welcome at Blue Star circles."

No.  Spiral Tor is an adult-based coven.  If you have young children, you must obtain off-site child care to come to our events.  If you are interested in a local Blue Star coven that offers on-site child care during circles, we can hook you up.  Such a thing exists.

"Can I study long distance with you?"

No.  To be a member of a coven requires that you be present for rituals, classes, and elevations.  If a person is already a member of our coven and then moves away, we are happy to coordinate long-distance study for that person in certain circumstances but they still have to arrange for in-person meetings occasionally and must be able to do in-person elevations.

"Can I get your coven to do a spell for me?"

Spiral Tor coven only does spell work for our members, and then only very rarely.  We emphasize the worship of the Gods over spell craft.